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Rod most recently wrapped filming the thriller "Nightmare PTA Mom's."  It follows a mother as she joins the PTA, hoping to get more involved at her daughter's new middle school, but she finds it run by a power-hungry mom with a penchant for backstabbing - literally! 
Now available on DVD/VOD!


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Prior, Rod wrapped filming the sci-fi/action "The Connection."  Two strangers struggle to overcome insurmountable odds when they are suddenly faced with unimaginable powers and an unbreakable connection. 

Now available on DVD/VOD!



Prior, Rod wrapped filming the action/drama, "King Charles," playing the antagonist lead role of "Mitchell Caldwell."  A shady DEA agent does everything in his power in and outside the law to catch a cocaine king-pin! 

Now available on DVD/VOD!

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Check out his press info above to find out what else Rod was up to last year as well as the latest news!  

  • Do you know Rod as the author "Rod L. Griffin?"  That's right!  Rod is one in the same! Check out his many books wherever books are sold!  

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